Techology solutions developed specifically for your business.

WHITECAP Technologies specializes in the design of unique and cost effective technology solutions that make the perfect fit for your business needs and budget requirements. Our access and knowledge to best-in-industry services allow us to pair the right blend of technology with the right corporate technology requirements, ultimately resulting in improved efficiency and increased profitability while building long lasting business relationships. Our experience has led to proven cases of how technology can advance corporate growth and advancement. WHITECAP has shown how to reduce costs and drive revenue by understanding the corporate marketplace and matching the right technology and services to promote activity and boost growth.

With technology and the business climate changing so quickly, our understanding of applications, from the simple and straight forward to the intricate and complex, affords you the ability to focus on other corporate initiatives while we take care of your infrastructure. 

Our standards are high, so that we can meet yours. Our people are committed to giving you the peace of mind that comes with having a single point of responsibility for your current needs and future requirements.  

WHITECAP Technologies specializes in providing design and customization in a numbers of key technology areas:

> Multi-Site connectivity
> Security and Threat Management
> Backup/Disaster Recovery
> Tailored Wireless plans