A large financial institution with offices around the Tri-State region faced productivity and communication issues including: previous weather related outages and interruptions; network performance limitations causing congestion and latency.
The IT team prepared for an overhaul of their network environment which would include LAN environment, workstations, and WAN infrastructure, while also building a roadmap to alleviate service disruptions during  future weather events. 

All this needed to happen in concert while maintaining seamless day to day operations. 


  • Need for an increase in  bandwidth 
  • Excess workload and burden on a lean IT team 
  • Disaster recovery planning


  • A fully carrier managed fiber based MPLS infrastructure with increased bandwidth, improving performance with the most efficient capitol resourcing as possible
  • Separate diverse internet connection with customer managed firewall
  • Instituting a VRRP failover from their primary network to a secondary 4G wireless connection


  • Ability to serve clients more efficiently, quickly, and without concern for disruptions
  • A cold disaster recovery site was implemented with pay-on-demand services, giving the insitution total access at any-time   
  • IT team had more time to support line of business applications
  • Successful implementation with no disruption of day-to-day activity