Large CT-based Law Firm 

A multi-site Connecicut based law firm faced the challenges and unnecessary costs that come about in the absence of a clear technology strategy. While the firm’s communication requirements had grown tremendously over the past few years, its network and voice/data services were added in a piecemeal manner. Partnering with WHITECAP, this firm was able to meet its challenges by integrating its many different services with best-in-breed products and providers. Armed with a completely streamlined process with built-in growth capability, and with no upfront investment of additional hardware, this business has the most advanced communication capabilities at its disposal. And all accomplished with a 15% monthly savings from their previous bill. 


  • CT-based law firm experienced enormous growth over the past three years 
  • Poor internet performance and reliability
  • Insufficient voice access
  • Fragmented voice and data solutions leading to unnecessary expenses
  • Lack of streamlined invoice process


  • Implemented strategic technology roadmap for the next 18-36 months
  • Integrated high-bandwidth fiber solutions for voice and data service
  • Consolidated local POTS lines across multiple sites
  • Integrated business VoIP services
  • No investment of additional hardware


  • Improved internet performance from top-tier providers
  • Increased voice paths (in-office and remote)
  • Efficient data service and billing processes
  • Built-in growth capabilities
  • 15% monthly savings
  • Improved workflow across all locations