Growth Strategy for 10 Site Community Bank

WHITECAP prides itself as a partner in business growth and as the first contact our partners call, email, or visit to get problems solved and solutions initiated (avoiding the seemingly endless process of calling into carriers’ and technical advisers’ automated services).

This bank group was anticipating the need for three additional sites and WHITECAP was brought in to consult on the process. This began with a complete audit of all of their communication technology services, and every feature (all the way down to individual toll charges on copper lines) was reviewed. By consolidating all of their plans with proprietary business VoIP with failover, along with a litany of other voice and data products, WHITECAP helped to create an efficient network of services that resulted in annual savings in the thousands of dollars. By creating an organized, lean, and modern system, WHITECAP outlined a calculated and manageable direction for expansion.


  • Bank group was anticipating the need for three additional sites, and WHITECAP was brought in to consult on the process:
  • Lack of expansion plan for technology and communication components
  • All sites had voice services, resulting in unnecessarily high local charges
  • No comprehensive data service to serve all sites
  • Monthly charges for old services no longer used


  • Complete audit of (then) current 10 sites
  • Consolidation of voice, data, and security services
  • Business VoIP with automatic failover


  • Added three new locations while cutting line rates
  • After accounting for all local services and toll charges, trimmed annual spending by thousands of dollars
  • Company-wide voice and data network with disaster recovery features