Multi-Site Supply Company

Because business technology and communication are vital in all aspects of a company, reliability is key. Outages, severe latency, and a lack of a disaster recovery/continuity plan can bring a business to its knees. This supply company was an example of all of these. To improve their condition, WHITECAP started by gaining clarity on what the situation looked like from every level within the organization, and then went about crafting a holistic solution. Working with multiple phone vendors, data vendors, and carriers, WHITECAP started with a multi-site network-managed VPN which, over time, evolved into a 9-site metro ethernet service for all voice and data needs. POTS lines were consolidated and rerated, and an alternate voice routing mechanism was added for failover. And if there’s ever a network issue, a billing question, a problem with the carrier, or difficulty with any of the myriad details that go into a complete solution, our customers only need to dial one number to get their problem solved. WHITECAP always aims for an efficient, holistic, and reliable solution that a business can continue to use as it grows.


  • Regular voice and data outages
  • Severe latency affecting day-to-day business
  • No company-wide network
  • No business continuity plan


  • Introduced a multi-site managed VPN, which evolved into a 9-site metro-ethernet (serving all voice and data services)
  • Consolidated state-wide POTS services
  • Alternate voice-routing mechanism for failover


  • More stable communication environment
  • Modern business continuity plan in case of outage or disaster
  • Advanced and reliable voice and data services via completely managed network
  • Sustainable growth plan