Regional Insurance Provider

A large regional leading insurance provider had a blend of services among a few different providers due to various acquisitions over the years. A multitude of billing accounts and published numbers had created havoc with excess monthly charges and a chaotic billing schedule. After several discussions to learn more about their business and technology, it was also uncovered that there was significant congestion in other areas of their network. As a result of a less-than-optimal infrastructure design, this congestion had the related cost of lost productivity. WHITECAP customized a fully managed and secure 4-site VPN with voice and data traffic routed through a central location. This process improved ROI by reducing resources and by cutting out unnecessary costs. By understanding a business and its necessary applications, the solution design included proper bandwidth requirements and the correct shaping of traffic routing. Operating off of a more efficient infrastructure, internal and external communication operating costs were cut in excess of 25%. 


  • Blend of providers as a result of various acquisitions
  • Multitude of billing accounts and published numbers
  • Inefficient call-routing design
  • Excessive monthly charges and chaotic billing schedule
  • Congested network
  • Lost productivity due to inefficiently designed system of services


  • 4.5mbps business VoIP
  • 4-site managed MPLS network
  • Central call forwarding
  • Disconnected antiquated and costly MIS circuits


  • Reduced excess tolls by hundreds of dollars
  • Stopped congestion by implementing reliable Tier 1 managed network
  • 25% savings in monthly recurring costs