The Northeast’s leading distributor of automotive and truck parts was facing myriad technology performance issues that were putting a real strain on operations. Like a lot of organizations, their voice, data and telecom infrastructure had grown with them organically over time as they spread to ten sites, acquiring solutions and integrated technology from multiple vendors on an “as needed” basis.  They had made what had appeared to be sound, cost sensitive or application driven choices along the way only to find that managing the labyrinth was costing money and causing headaches that took away resources from their core business. Then they called on WHITECAP knowing that our relationships with a broad array of providers and streamlining design expertise could get them back on track.



  • Breakdowns and roadblocks in inter-office communication and customer service
  • Ten locations- Each with a different telecom provider delivering their services
  • No disaster recovery plan for voice or data when experiencing service outages
  • Poorly managed public VPN access



  • Fully meshed carrier managed private MPLS for primary network
  • Traffic prioritization for better application management across network
  • Converged voice and data connections including SIP trunking with voice failover
  • Carrier provided and managed cloud based firewall supervising their internet traffic


  • Solution eliminated communication challenges for customers and employees 
  • Quicker and more effective data transfers
  • Solution offered the ability to survive an outage with a disaster recovery plan
  • Network design offered easy scalability as new sites come online
  • Carrier based firewall added dramatically increased level of efficiency by having one central gateway for internet traffic management