Rapid growth can often create new challenges for a business. Our client’s recent growth necessitated an immediate re-evaluation of existing technology infrastructure. Our research and evaluation revealed serious issues that needed, including high costs, insufficient bandwidth, a scattered network, and a lack of redundancy. Our customized solution met the customer’s needs by lowering costs while building an improved and modern infrastructure. Pairing a managed MPLS network with Microsoft Office 365 and a tier-1 failover solution gave their company the kind of sustainable and scalable technology solution that is crucial for a growing business.


  • Corporation-wide connectivity and performance problems resulting in lost productivity
  • Rising monthly telecom costs
  • No business continuity plan
  • Outdated email platform
  • Limited staff resources


  • Introduced an industry-leading site-to-site MPLS network
  • More robust and reliable managed internet service
  • Integrated VoIP solution
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plan involving automatic failover solution with 4G wireless connections
  • Microsoft Office 365


  • Improved order and transaction fulfillment speeds
  • More efficient and modern inventory management
  • Increased productivity due to stronger and more consistent bandwidth/uptime
  • Solution is scalable for current and future business needs
  • A more flexible and secure cloud storage method and management