Technology dreams become reality in action again! The WHITECAP team delivered its unique blend of innovative new tools and business savvy to “connecting the knee bone to the thigh bone” with their clients in orthopedic care who help keep people moving.
In a project spanning almost a year WHITECAP guided its partner in Medical Care scale a process to 6 sites, completing an implementation with over 300 users - streamlining and upgrading  technical infrastructure with new Hosted PBX, and Bandwidth technology that allows dramatic improvements in their ability to schedule appointments, call backs and call routing through their cloud based Contact center.  In addition to being an extraordinarily efficient growth investment, the savings in human resource allocation and growth initiatives have allowed them to have a much broader patient outreach capacity and effective patient management process.


  • Needs assessment revealed customer was paying for services they hadn’t asked for
  • Multiple providers with disparate services causing billing and repair confusion and duplicity
  • A previously lengthy and messy cutover with lack of support or provider involvement
  • Service disruptions including bogus incoming  busy signals due to under trunking
  • Bottlenecks compromising data transfers and internet access due to insufficient bandwidth
  • Poorly defined Class of Service profiling disrupting cloud based applications
  • No backup or failover for voice or data in the event of outage



  • A single-provider Meshed Layer 2  fiber-based network across all locations for the primary network
  • Increased bandwidth and enhanced, integrated comprehensive technology system design
  • Failover solution implemented for voice and data services across entire enterprise
  • Over 300 seats of hosted PBX with Unified Communication and hosted Call Center application


  • Right sized data connections to accommodate increased business demand
  • Improved call routing avoiding customer call contention and busy signals
  • Built in scalability for future growth
  • Detailed metrics reporting to improve the patient experience
  • Absolute system integrity and transparency