National Retail Service

Due to its sites across the country, this retail group had disparate services, plans, and service agreements with several service providers. With a limited IT staff and no managed services, this scenario became difficult to maintain and inefficient to support. WHITECAP assessed all of the elements involved in the voice and data infrastructure and designed a more streamlined option, which included a fully managed voice and MPLS infrastructure with a central point of access. A cloud-based VPN concentrator and cloud based firewall created a more secure access route for remote users. This solution ameliorated the strain on the IT staff, significantly reduced overhead, and resulted in a more secure, efficient, and modern technology infrastructure.


  • Voice, data, and VPN services spread out with several service providers
  • None of current services were managed
  • Limited IT staff unable to support national network of services
  • Limited security even with remote-access users


  • Consolidation of services and carriers
  • Completely managed multi-site MPLS network
  • Cloud Based Firewall
  • Cloud-based VPN concentrator


  • Significant cost savings through consolidation/reduced overhead
  • Managed network reduced strain on IT staff
  • Secure network
  • Remote users able to securely access VPN
  • Central point of access