DATE : 01.01.2017

A continuing Journey…

10 years ago, we started with a simple concept and a solid, single vendor telecommunications product suite with AT&T. Our goal was to help regional businesses gain a competitive advantage by using the best available technology in the most productive, profitable ways.

Since the beginning, we have maintained a client-first, success mindset. Both then and now, we focused on delivering an innovative, application centric, personal and organizational consulting services, allowing our customers to be a part of choosing tools and services that would give them the infrastructure they needed to do what they do best. And once installed, we continue to guide our customers on new opportunites to create additional efficiences. 

Over the years, this simple premise has served as the driving platform for broadening the scope of expertise our partners expect from us. Communications, Data Processing, Information Storage and Security continue to evolve and we share the responsibility in helping WHITECAP Tech customers understand the critical importance of Integration, Infrastructure Connectivity, Human Productivity, and Capitol Management. Our role in the design, vetting, implementation and ongoing scrutiny of “best available, most effective, and maximum economy” for partners is not only the engine of our growth, but the challenge we thrive on meeting every day. 

Now, entering our 11th year, we represent more than 60 vendors for partners across the country looking for the right tool kit - infrastructure fit for their business with applications ranging from (small, to bigger, to vast and cloud and open to the future).

We've learned a lot along the way and experience is a valuable commodity only gained over time. Hard work and the pursuit of excellence have brought us to this moment, and we will continue to grow as we build on the fundamentals established throughout the first decade of service. 

We're excited for the next ten years of results, especially knowing that our passion for helping customers navigate the labyrinth of emerging technology will give them the competitive advantage they need to find greater success.

Thanks for being a part of something so special!