DATE : 07.10.2014


As most of you know, AT&T is in the process of finalizing the sale of all of its Connecticut wireline services to Stamford, CT-based Frontier Communications. A form letter is being sent out to AT&T customers that subscribe to certain wireline services. This letter discusses steps that are being taken to transition these services from AT&T to Frontier, and should be read thoroughly, as these site and hardware changes will directly affect many customers. 


(Copied from an AT&T form letter to current Managed Internet Service, Fiber Broadband Bundle, VPN Value Bundle customers)

We are writing to notify you of a service change that will require your attention within the next few months.

AT&T must take certain steps to prepare for a network transition of some customers’ services that will be affected by changes in the design of the associated local access circuits. Our records indicate that you currently have one or more of the following services that are affected:

  • Managed Internet Service (MIS, including MIS Express
  • MPLS Private Network Transport (PTN)
  • OPT-E-WAN Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
  • Fiber Broadband Bundle
  • VPN Value Bundle
  • AT&T Business Network (ABN) with MIS/PNT/AVPN components

AT&T will install new Ethernet local access circuits in place of your existing local access circuits. No new construction is expected to be required. Here is what you can expect:

  • AT&T will contact you to schedule the dispatch of an AT&T technician to your premises to identify and install a new local access circuit.
  • Within 2 weeks after the new port is identified and installed by the AT&T technician, AT&T will contact you to schedule a maintenance window for transitioning your service(s) to these new local access circuits.
  • During this maintenance window you will be required to physically move your existing connection to the new access circuit, and you may need to reconfigure your IP assignment. AT&T will assist you with this step.
  • Depending on which services are involved, you may need to provide AT&T a new IP address (AT&T VPN) or AT&T will assign a new IP address (MIS and/or MPLS PNT). An AT&T team member will be available to assist you over the phone if needed.
  • For certain managed services, AT&T may provide you with a new router to install, in which case you will receive a pre-paid return label to send back the existing router after the new router has been installed.

Please note that you will not be charged for any of this work. Your monthly recurring charges and all other attributes, features, and Service Level Agreements of your existing service(s) will remain unchanged as a result of this transition, and the existing term and termination liability provisions of your existing contract will be unaffected.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ at the end of this notice, or send an email to, or contact your AT&T sales/service representatives for assistance.

Thank you for allowing AT&T to support your business needs.




Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1)      Why is this change needed?

ANSWER:  As previously announced on December 17, 2013, AT&T Inc. (“AT&T”) and Frontier Communications Corporation (“Frontier”) have entered into a stock purchase agreement regarding the transfer of AT&T’s local wireline operations in the State of Connecticut from AT&T to Frontier. Subject to regulatory approval, at closing, which is expected to occur in the fourth quarter of this year, AT&T will transfer the stock of The Southern New England Telephone Company (“SNET”) to Frontier (the “Transaction”), and SNET, which will thereafter be a wholly owned subsidiary of Frontier, will continue to be the authorized local exchange carrier in those portions of Connecticut currently served by SNET. You can find additional details in this announcement:

2)      How long of a timeline will this be from start to finish?

ANSWER: From the time AT&T submits the replacement circuit order to cut-over is about 2-3 months. The work is expected to be completed in 3Q14.

3)      How long is the downtime during the actual cutover?

ANSWER: We normally schedule a 2 hour maintenance window.

4)      Will we still retain diversity?

ANSWER: AT&T will retain your current feature set and network configuration

5)      Do you reimburse for our vendors to go out to do any work?

ANSWER: AT&T is not anticipating additional work by outside vendors at this time.

6)      Will this change any of our billing or records?

ANSWER: No billing impact. Your monthly recurring charges and all other attributes, features and Service Level Agreements of your existing service(s) will remain unchanged as a result of this transition, and the existing term and termination liability provisions of your existing contract will be unaffected.

7)      Do we need a new contract signed?


8)      What happens if we do not have service after we do the cutover?

ANSWER: Contact AT&T engineers who are on the cut-over bridge to help you establish the service.

9)      Do we still need to do the maintenance if we are planning on disconnecting in the near future?

ANSWER: Yes, if you are not disconnecting before 4Q14. Please let AT&T know if you intend to disconnect the service before 4Q14.            

10)   Do we still need to move forward if we are planning on upgrading in the near future?


11)   Do we need to move forward if we are moving within the next year because our lease is up?


ANSWER: Yes, unless you are moving prior to 4Q14.