Today's Webinar: The Value of Hosted VoIP - A Success!

Thank you all for joining today’s webinar! WHITECAP Technologies, Inc. invited our partners into the world of Hosted VoIP and illustrated the myriad benefits this service provides. We started by defining hosted voice and why businesses are choosing the cloud for their voice needs.

Further, we discussed the advantages and features inherent in hosted voice, and specifically used New Horizon Communication’s newVoice hosted service and its components as a case study.

Along with some questions from our live audience, we also got questions on Twitter (@Whitecaptech) about making the change from one’s old PBX to a new hosted PBX infrastructure.

To learn more about the features and benefits of hosted voice, and how it might fit into your communication technology plan, contact your account representative (or check us out on twitter (@Whitecaptech), and continue to visit this site’s “News and Events” section to stay current on upcoming events!

DATE : 06.19.2014