DATE : 05.12.2014


 “The NEED for speed” is more than a quote from the infamous Tom Cruise blockbuster “Top Gun,” or the title of the videogame and film brand. It is the common thread that binds most IT people when managing networks and applications. It is often assumed that more bandwidth equals more speed. This is not always true.

In almost all cases, businesses desire more bandwidth. Applications generally consume more bandwidth today than in the past, but increased bandwidth is not always the solution for increased computing speed.

What also needs to be evaluated is the age and processing power of the PC’s. All too often, speed depends more on the age of the computer components doing the work than on the bandwidth that is being delivered. Over time, a gradual reduction of processing speed in a PC is normal and shouldn’t automatically necessitate the immediate purchase of new hardware. However, age and workload (amongst other factors) can eventually deteriorate the performance of a PC to such an extent that the user experiences the types of transmit and download delays which are often blamed on limited internet bandwidth.

Beyond general wear and tear, the risk of malicious software (“malware”) is omnipresent. Malware such as viruses, Trojans, and spyware can quietly infect a machine and, in turn, can quickly kill performance and processing power. Malware is easily picked up in myriad ways: browsing the internet, downloading innocent-sounding applications; even an email from a familiar address isn’t always what it seems.

Frequently monitoring and updating one’s anti-virus and anti-malware software is a simple, effective, and proactive method in keeping your property and information clean and secure. It’s also advisable to check your personal and business emails’ filtering software to confirm that it is capable of capturing and removing malicious software. If you are a Windows user, depending on the PC’s age and software, Microsoft Security Essentials is a must!

Business growth directly affects data demand and application usage. Reviewing, researching, and investing holistically in business infrastructure will lead to the kind of performance and speed that a 21st century business demands.