DATE : 05.19.2014


“No one ever got fired for buying IBM!”

In this new economic landscape, businesses have had to change how budgets and spending are managed. Now that an increasing amount of capital goes to the business technology budget, common sense dictates that efficiency and getting the “best bang for your buck” is more important than ever.

In the past, when it came to cost and options, a common mindset might have been "you get what you pay for." Translation: when businesses considered the purchase of a product or a service that was less costly or was being delivered by an unfamiliar service provider, the business had to accept the possibility of lower quality or comprising performance. In rare cases, that might still hold true. However, in the evolving world of communication technology, a new paradigm is being set.

Members of our team are constantly in discussion with various types of businesses in countless industries. This dialogue leads to deep understanding, helping us to generate ideas on how to solve technology and business issues unique to each company. We educate our partners and make them aware of the various methods and opportunities that can enhance performance, improve worker productivity, and better manage the bottom line. These conversations inevitably include the matter of immediate and planned costs.

As with many services in the digital age, technology and its applicable business offerings have gotten exponentially better over time. In many cases, the price has followed suit:

Example 1: Internet Access – The internet of a few years ago is not the same as the internet of today.  Available speeds are greater and they continue to grow, and the quality of the connection has also improved. In addition to this, the cost per megabit or gigabit is being driven down. 

Example 2: POTs (Plain old telephone service) – This is the simplest offer for traditional phone service. It’s argued that, despite its ubiquity, POTs services are going away. At some point in the distant future, that might be true. However, due to the present demand for them, many providers offer POTs at a sizeable discount (compared to the local carrier) without sacrificing quality.

These are just a few examples of businesses taking advantage of what’s available and defying the “you get what you pay for” mentality. These solutions are effective and drive down technology investment costs.

There are many ways to gain a competitive advantage through customized technology solutions without breaking the budget.  These methods vary in intricacy, and no one size fits all.  At WHITECAP Technologies, we work with a variety of suppliers and carriers that challenge the age-old adage and we are devoted to delivering a better overall customer experience while managing costs and exceeding expectations.

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