DATE : 09.23.2014

An Important Update on the Local Service Provider Change in CT from Frontier and AT&T

(This is from a recent letter distributed to all AT&T customers subscribing to local service in CT in preparation of the Frontier acquisition)


AT&T recently sent this notice to its customers understand the upcoming change as a service provider resulting from an agreement between AT&T Inc. and Frontier Communications Corporation (“Frontier”) under which the Southern New England Telephone (“SNET”) Company d/b/a “AT&T Connecticut” and SNET America, Inc. d/b/a AT&T Long Distance East (collectively known as “the SNET-AT&T Companies”) will become subsidiaries of Frontier.  The SNET-AT&T Companies have agreed to a transaction that will result in Frontier becoming the service provider for the customers of the SNET-AT&T Companies in Connecticut.  This transaction has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission and all but one of the required state regulatory authorities.  This notice is being sent prior to the receipt of the last regulatory approval in order to comply with federal and state customer notification requirements regarding the transfer of telecommunications customers.

It is anticipated the transaction will close as soon as late October 2014.  Unless you switch to a service provider other than the SNET-AT&T Companies prior to the closing date, Frontier will automatically become your service provider for any telecommunications services you currently receive from the SNET-AT&T Companies; including local and long distance services, broadband and video services, but not wireless services.  If Frontier becomes your service provider, Frontier will convert your service at no cost to you and you will not incur any carrier change charge associated with the transfer to Frontier, and your local telephone number will not change.

If an SNET-AT&T Company is not your provider of choice for any of these services, then the proposed transaction with Frontier will not affect those services.

You always have the right to select another service provider for local and long distance services, if you wish to do so and if another provider is available.  This decision is entirely up to you, and you may choose to switch to another carrier for one or more of these services either before or after this proposed change from the SNET-AT&T Companies to Frontier.  However, selecting a different carrier prior to Frontier becoming your service provider may result in a carrier change charge to you.  If you currently have a term contract with an SNET-AT&T Company, you may face termination penalties if you select another carrier prior to the expiration of the term contract. 

If you have arranged an intrastate and/or interstate preferred carrier PIC freeze on your long distance service, that freeze will be removed in order to transition your service to Frontier (except as to any services for which you have selected a carrier other than Frontier), and in such case, you must contact your local carrier (whether Frontier or another telephone company you have selected) after the closing, in order to reestablish a preferred carrier freeze.

Upon completion of the proposed transaction, Frontier will offer local, toll, and long distance telecommunications services to your under the same rates, terms, and conditions you received from the SNET-AT&T Companies prior to closing.  Information regarding your rates, terms, and conditions is reflected in your most recent billing statement, as well as in relevant SNET-AT&T Company tariffs and on AT&T’s website (  If, in the future, there are any changes to the rates, terms, or conditions of your service, Frontier will notify you by mail or your bill.  Frontier values your continued business and will gladly respond to any questions you may have about your service after the closing.

You can use the same number 1.800.448.1008 to reach company representatives before and after the transaction close.  Until the actual closing date, the SNET-AT&T Companies will continue to be responsible for all customer services inquiries, complaints, billing issues and questions regarding this notice.  After the closing date, you will reach Frontier with your questions when dialing that number.  Business customers can also contact their SNET-AT&T Company account manager prior to closing.  We appreciate your understanding and support during this transition period.

Frontier looks forward to welcoming you as a valued customer and will communicate directly with you as soon as the terms of this transaction allow so that you can learn more about the company and its products and services.

In the interim, should you have any questions about your service or how your account might be affected, feel free to contact WHITECAP Technologies for any further information.  As more details beome available, WHITECAP will foward them along.