DATE : 10.14.2013

Now, Truly “All the Technology, All the Time”

In the past few weeks, in what’s shaping up to be an annual event, we saw Apple release its newest iPhone (or iPhones for that matter). Earlier this month, Samsung announced the Galaxy Gear smart device. Before that, the customizable MOTO X showed up. And, just recently, Blackberry released the BBM app….almost. These are just a few illustrations of how the consumer and business technology markets are ever evolving. Just trying to stay ahead of it is getting harder and harder; keeping up is a challenge in and of itself!

As a service provider specializing in business technology and communication solutions, it’s WHITECAP’s mission to be ahead of the curve. When it comes to emerging services and new products that help businesses, WHITECAP lives up to the slogan “All the Technology, All the Time.”

As the industry evolves and specializes, flexibility and options are vital for both us and our customers. 

What we’re hearing from our customers is that they are looking for alternatives when it comes to carriers and technology. That is to say, businesses are looking for more options. They are looking for options that would allow for more flexibility, options that are more specific to unique business models, and of course, options that can help manage cost.

As a result, and in order to improve our overall customer experience, WHITECAP now provides alternative options from a select group of technology providers. To some customers, this could mean something as simple as a backup cable connection. To others, simply looking at other providers who specialize in different areas would allow for flexibility and alternative solutions for what’s currently in place. WHITECAP will continue to be a conduit for information and solutions, and now we’re just adding more cards to the deck.

Now, instead of having to amass an army of vendors and carriers to discuss the various options available, WHITECAP is helping businesses save time and resources by bringing in and comparing side-by-side the myriad possibilities and solutions available. This new role means that the customer now has more control when it comes to customizing solutions for specific needs, and WHITECAP is better able to live up to “All the Technology, All the Time.”

More productivity and more options, all while driving costs down….the question then becomes, what are you looking for?