DATE : 04.28.2017

UPON FURTHER REVIEW: A very common experience. 

Most business people would rather put their resources and energy toward their core competency – the stuff that has the greatest potential to grow the business. That’s just smart. When it comes to infrastructure, you’d rather investigate, decide and move on. You know a certain amount of care and feeding is vital to keep up with the ever-evolving opportunities for technological, or system improvements, but it’s just not always on the top of the priority list.

“Nah, I got this. I handle my invoices and services and I negotiated a great deal. We’re good right now and not buying anything.”

As consultants helping companies maintain their competitive edge by optimizing the technology fit for their business, WHITECAP meets smart people every day who feel their due diligence has them well positioned. They say; “We did a lot of work to research and negotiate the best deal available and we have a process in place that monitors everything. We’re really all set.”

A not so funny thing happens almost every time someone invests just that minimal extra effort in taking a deeper look. They find hidden opportunity.

One of our partners had just such an experience recently. They are an organization that provides electronic services to the entertainment industry and military, and we sat down for an initial discussion about the current state of their technological environment, and a deeper dive into integration and efficiency of their systems and services. As is typically an extension of that conversation a billing audit was performed.

The audit showed a collection of carriers and services that had been individually put in place under normal, in the moment, price and delivery criteria that made sense - at the time they were implemented.  Under further inspection there were several things that were not working in their favor any longer: 

  • some services were being billed, but unused
  • services that could be better utilized
  • over-charges on several invoices
  • newer services are offered that would be better
  • contracts unnecessarily long, or restrictive
  • equipment that could be better

No-one is immune to this kind of situation because of the ever-changing landscape of carrier service offerings, new technological advances and improved process. Only an expert with the fulltime responsibility and accountability for keeping pace and sifting through the marketplace can ensure the best in class and most effective fit for your unique business needs.  That’s what we do.  We help you make money in two ways: Allowing you to focus on what you do best and make sure your infrastructure is a very sharp competitive edge.

It starts with a simple conversation. Feel free to reach out to WHITECAP to talk about how an audit like this can help your company.