DATE : 06.20.2013

It appears that the traditional definition of the “workplace” is beginning to evolve, and it is doing so in an enormous way. The use of remote workers (employees working outside a central location) is a growing trend. While many still question the effectiveness of the worker outside of the traditional workplace, there is growing evidence that acceptance of this shift is inevitable. There are several reasons to believe that this trend is only going to grow in popularity, and small businesses need to be on the lookout for ways to stay competitive in this new mobile environment.

Consumerization of IT

Firstly, the mobile work style is possible due to the “consumerization of IT.” This trend can be defined as a “blending of personal and business technology use.”  Just like the advent of the national highway system allowed for more efficient commutes to and from work on a daily basis, the consumerization of IT has permanently changed the way workers balance home and workplace. Now, workers are investing their own time and capital into smart devices and their applications and uses. This bring-your-own-device (BYOD) idea gives workers the freedom and the benefit to take care of business and manage affairs outside of the cubicle.

Cloud Technologies

In addition to BYOD, the growing preponderance of cloud technologies in the personal and commercial worlds allows for a much more flexible definition of the workplace (especially in North America) as well as the confidence in the security of an off-site device. Cloud-based applications available on smart devices create a unified experience; cloud technology allows for a single source to secure, maintain, and develop streamlined apps and services across devices. Desktop virtualization, allowing for on-demand access to and from any device, is simply a click away due to cloud technology. And throughout all of this, the personal and business sides of the device are secure and protected against each other.

Worker Satisfaction

The paradigm shift of the traditional workplace wouldn’t be taking place if there wasn’t demand for it amongst workers. People are commuting farther than ever before, and overall there is a demand for use of personal devices across the business spectrum. Being able to mix the business and personal seems to be attractive to workers and the proof is out there: according to BizLaunch, 88% of small businesses think that working from home increases the quality of life, and 68% of small businesses surveyed feel working from home helps them achieve work-life balance. This is perhaps due to the fact that (according to a Citrix study), the majority of business leaders rely more on their smartphones than any other device.


The ease of device to device collaboration has never been greater. High definition video and sound are now the industry standard, regardless of whether everyone is together in the conference room, separately sitting in their own homes, or even on opposite sides of the country. Now that even schoolchildren can video-chat from smartphone to smartphone, traditional face to face collaboration is now a screen and a network connection away, regardless of geography.

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