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Upon Further Review

Only an expert with full-time responsibility for keeping pace and sifting through the technology marketplace can ensure best-in-class services and the most effective fit for your unique business needs. Learn about our review process.
on experience.  Most business people would rather put their resources and energy toward the… the stuff that has the greatest potential to grow the business. That


A continuing journey…10 years of support and service.
single vendor telecommunications product suite with AT we focused on delivering an innovative… application centric… personal and organizational consulting services

WHITECAP Announces Tierpoint partnership

WHITECAP strengthens its Cloud and Colo position
have now taken center stage in the transformation of  IT and Managed Services … reaping immediate rewards for companies looking to offload re… expertise and guidance. It is in that spirit today that we announce our new strate

SAVE THE DATE: The Opportunity and Truth of Hosted VoIP

Control. Flexible. Simple. Why Business is moving to the Hosted PBX platform
. Why Business is moving to the Hosted PBX platform Join WHITECAP Technologies… for a Symposium to see how the power of migrating from a traditional PBX environment to the

WHITECAP Technologies Webinar: SD-WAN Defined

WAN that are breaking new ground over the costly… while raising the performance bar and expectations of security to new heights. SDN archi… secure WAN connections that allow optimization

The Next Big Disruption is here: The Internet of Things

More and more discussion is amassed around the technology trend The Internet of Things. The subject was first documented by Kevin Ashton in 1999. “Anytime, anywhere, by anyone and anything”. When people think of this technology, they are never thinking…
and is ushering automation nearly across all fields.    Data i… use and integration of smart devices will become more common… ultimately connecting people to things.    Thin

Customer Referral Announcement

Customer referral raffle/form announcement blog entry
ral Program.  Simply share the contact information of a business associate you think might b… If you refer someone that becomes a WHITECAP customer

Whitecap Newsletter Announcement

Newsletter announcement blog entry
WHITECAP Technologies is proud to announce that we will be sending our first newsletter toda…  It will be providing subscribers with the latest industry news and information. Our object

Whitecap Cloud Webinar

is widely becoming an accepted technology platform for growth for today…'s ever changing business climate.  … diverse communication requirements… sophisticated business applications

Frontier Acquisition News

Please read this most recent notice being sent to all CT-based AT&T subscribers. It contains important information about the upcoming Frontier switch.
An Important Update on the Local Service Provider Change in CT …from Frontier and ATs is from a recent letter distributed to all AT subscribing to local service in CT in preparation of the Frontier acquisition

Important Information Regarding the AT&T-Frontier Transition

Please read this letter that is being sent to all CT-based AT&T managed internet subscribers. It contains important information about the upcoming Frontier switch that will directly affect customers' service.
IMPORTANT LETTER REGARDING AT ATbased Frontier Communications. A form letter is being sent out to ATT customers that subscribe to certain wireline services. This

Thank You!

For those that were able to join our most recent webinar: The Value of Hosted VoIP, thank you, and we hope it was as informative and insightful for you as it was for us!
ers into the world of Hosted VoIP and illustrated the myriad benefits this service provides.… we discussed the advantages and features inherent in hosted voice

Hosted Telephony Webinar (6/19/14) - Sign Up Today!

Read about how to sign up for our June 19 webinar!
DATE…um and is being utilized for countless applications and services.  These services include So… there is another service that that isn…HITECAP Technologies and New Horizon Communications will be hosting a webinar to help busine

Defying "You Get What You Pay For"

Businesses doesn't have to sacrifice quality when searching for cost-effective solutions.
YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR… how budgets and spending are managed. Now that an increasing amount of capital goes to the … common sense dictates that efficiency and getting the

Save the Date: The Value of Hosted Telephony (Voice)

Tired of missing calls? Dropped calls? Great communication is the backbone of any successful business. Join WHITECAP, PGi, and New Horizon Communication for a webinar that explores hosted voice!
tecap has partnered with New Horizon Communication to provide superior business telecommunic…ations services nationwide. If you… we can provide information to help inform your decision. Hosted PBX

Danger Zone!

Today's business applications and services rely on high speed connectivity. However, where does one look when bandwidth requirements are met and performance still doesn't meet expectations?
me and film brand. It is the common thread that binds most IT people when managing networks …and applications. It is often assumed that more bandwidth equals more speed. This is no

Now, Truly “All the Technology, All the Time”

As a service provider specializing in business technology and communication solutions, it’s WHITECAP’s mission to be ahead of the curve. When it comes to emerging services and new products that help businesses, WHITECAP lives up to the slogan “All the Tec…
in whator iPhones for that matter…unced the Galaxy Gear smart device. Before that.almost. These are just a few illustrations of how the consumer and business technol

Cloud Busting

Though it has been a buzz word in the tech industry for some time now, small and enterprise-size businesses are beginning to take advantage of the uses and benefits of what is colloquially referred to as “cloud computing.” Chances are you're already using…
take advantage of the uses and benefits of what is colloquially referred to as …gery in the name suggests a mechanism where data naturally evaporates into the sky and then

An "Out of Office" Experience

It appears that the traditional definition of the “workplace” is beginning to evolve, and it is doing so in an enormous way. The use of remote workers (employees working outside a central location) is a growing trend. While many still question the effecti…
It appears that the traditional definition of the …employees working outside a central location… there is growing evidence that acceptance of this shift is inevitable. Ther

"Cloud" defined.

Cloud is an expression used to describe computing concepts which involve a large number of computers that are connected through a real-time communication network; typically the Internet.
which involve a large number of computers that are connected through a real…time communication network…ieve coherence and economies of scale over that network. With cloud services

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