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The Next Big Disruption is here: The Internet of Things

More and more discussion is amassed around the technology trend The Internet of Things. The subject was first documented by Kevin Ashton in 1999. “Anytime, anywhere, by anyone and anything”. When people think of this technology, they are never thinking…
n is amassed around the technology trend The Internet of Things.  The subject was first documented…and revenue sources.  The real value of the  Internet of Things is the ability of these devices

Important Information Regarding the AT&T-Frontier Transition

Please read this letter that is being sent to all CT-based AT&T managed internet subscribers. It contains important information about the upcoming Frontier switch that will directly affect customers' service.
T form letter to current Managed Internet Service… Managed Internet Service

Defying "You Get What You Pay For"

Businesses doesn't have to sacrifice quality when searching for cost-effective solutions.
Internet Access … The internet of a few years ago is not the same as the in

Danger Zone!

Today's business applications and services rely on high speed connectivity. However, where does one look when bandwidth requirements are met and performance still doesn't meet expectations?
oad delays which are often blamed on limited internet bandwidth. Beyond general wear and tear… browsing the internet

"Cloud" defined.

Cloud is an expression used to describe computing concepts which involve a large number of computers that are connected through a real-time communication network; typically the Internet.
typically the Internet. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resour