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The Next Big Disruption is here: The Internet of Things

More and more discussion is amassed around the technology trend The Internet of Things. The subject was first documented by Kevin Ashton in 1999. “Anytime, anywhere, by anyone and anything”. When people think of this technology, they are never thinking…
he connection from mobile device to consumer products.  For businesses

Frontier Acquisition News

Please read this most recent notice being sent to all CT-based AT&T subscribers. It contains important information about the upcoming Frontier switch.
you can learn more about the company and its products and services. In the interim

Now, Truly “All the Technology, All the Time”

As a service provider specializing in business technology and communication solutions, it’s WHITECAP’s mission to be ahead of the curve. When it comes to emerging services and new products that help businesses, WHITECAP lives up to the slogan “All the Tec…
. When it comes to emerging services and new products that help businesses

An "Out of Office" Experience

It appears that the traditional definition of the “workplace” is beginning to evolve, and it is doing so in an enormous way. The use of remote workers (employees working outside a central location) is a growing trend. While many still question the effecti…
sonalized and comprehensive way using Tier 1 products and services from AT