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A continuing journey…10 years of support and service.
to vast and cloud and open to the future

WHITECAP Announces Tierpoint partnership

WHITECAP strengthens its Cloud and Colo position
WHITECAP Strengthens its Cloud position   Cloud and Hybrid technolo…class cloud

SAVE THE DATE: The Opportunity and Truth of Hosted VoIP

Control. Flexible. Simple. Why Business is moving to the Hosted PBX platform
ng from a traditional PBX environment to the cloud could work for you and why pursuing Hosted V

The Next Big Disruption is here: The Internet of Things

More and more discussion is amassed around the technology trend The Internet of Things. The subject was first documented by Kevin Ashton in 1999. “Anytime, anywhere, by anyone and anything”. When people think of this technology, they are never thinking…
much water.  The data is transmitted to the cloud.   Now Enter the Cloud.    The Cloud

Whitecap Cloud Webinar

WHITECAP CLOUD Webinar Announcement  CLOUD Technology is widely becoming an accepted te…th we will discuss the power and benefits of CLOUD technology and its positive impact on todays

Thank You!

For those that were able to join our most recent webinar: The Value of Hosted VoIP, thank you, and we hope it was as informative and insightful for you as it was for us!
ed voice and why businesses are choosing the cloud for their voice needs. Further

Hosted Telephony Webinar (6/19/14) - Sign Up Today!

Read about how to sign up for our June 19 webinar!
cloud technology usage is quickly gaining momentum…t often considered a cloud solution

Save the Date: The Value of Hosted Telephony (Voice)

Tired of missing calls? Dropped calls? Great communication is the backbone of any successful business. Join WHITECAP, PGi, and New Horizon Communication for a webinar that explores hosted voice!

Cloud Busting

Though it has been a buzz word in the tech industry for some time now, small and enterprise-size businesses are beginning to take advantage of the uses and benefits of what is colloquially referred to as “cloud computing.” Chances are you're already using…
Cloud The Business Advantage of Cloud Computing Though it has been a buzz word …cloud computing.… the cloud itself is made up of a massive infrastructur

An "Out of Office" Experience

It appears that the traditional definition of the “workplace” is beginning to evolve, and it is doing so in an enormous way. The use of remote workers (employees working outside a central location) is a growing trend. While many still question the effecti…
nd manage affairs outside of the cubicle. Cloud Technologies In addition to BYOD… the growing preponderance of cloud technologies in the personal and commercial

"Cloud" defined.

Cloud is an expression used to describe computing concepts which involve a large number of computers that are connected through a real-time communication network; typically the Internet.
Cloud is an expression used to describe computing … typically the Internet. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to …conomies of scale over that network. With cloud services